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CEASE Therapy

CEASE is an acronym for Complete Elimination Autism Spectrum Expression. Developed by Dr. Tinus Smits for autism, this treatment has now proven to be equally effective for other conditions, such as ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis, Allergies, Ear Infections, Chronic Fatigue, and general detoxification.CEASE Therapy was developed by Tinus Smits M.D. to help children with autism. Dr. Smits successfully treated over 300 patients prior to his death in 2010 and trained practitioners around the globe to utilize his methods and help both children and adults make phenomenal strides.

According to Dr. Smits, autism is an accumulation of different causes and about 70% is due to vaccines, 25% to toxic medication and other toxic substances, 5% to some diseases. The main causative factors for autism, ADHD, MS, Chronic Fatigue and other disorders come from vaccines, regular medication, environmental toxic exposures, effects of illness, etc. Using isotherapy, which is the preparation of pathogenic substances in homeopathic potencies, the causative factors’ toxic imprints can be erased. In a sequential manner, each potential toxin is detoxified with the homeopathically prepared (diluted and potentized substance) that produced the disorder. For example, Dr. Smits, during his research, saw a dramatic improvement in an autistic girl by the detoxification of a nose spray, xylometazolin, which the mother had used regularly during her pregnancy. Therefore, even substances not labeled as toxic, can be a causative factor for autism or other developmental disorders. Additionally, it is important to note the effect of prenatal care and newborn care. Illness, medication and vaccination in the energetic fields of the father and mother before pregnancy can be transmitted to the child by energetic transfer. Medication during and after pregnancy, especially vaccinations, are very toxic to the young child’s brain.

I have a son with autism, as well many patients with autism in my practice. CEASE has become an integral part of my treatment of autism; however, it is not the only answer, and must be combined with good nutrition, exercise, and other treatments, such as acupuncture, NAET and sound biomedical and energetic therapies.

The three components of CEASE Therapy include:

1) Isotherapy – the use of homeopathic remedies to clear the imprint of toxic exposures. For example, if the child had a reaction to Prednisone, using potentized Prednisone can help remove its energetic imprints from the vital force and help the patient let got of its ill effects.

2) Inspiring Homeopathy – These homeopathic remedies are used to address specific needs. Inspiring homeopathic remedies are used to help heal some of the common symptoms of autism including obsessive characteristics, inflexibility, head banging, tics and to help expand their emotional understanding. Classical homeopathy is also prescribed according to one’s personalized needs and personality.

3) Orthomolecular Medicine – therapeutic doses of nutritional supplements, mainly Vitamin C, Zinc, Magnesium and Fish Oil. These include water and fat-soluable Vitamin C which is a critical part of the anti-oxidative process and helps to excrete lead and other toxic substances, Omega-3fatty acids which are essential for proper brain formation and functioning, restoring the copper/zinc ratio and encourage the metallothionein by using zinc and amino acids.

By combining these three elements, Dr. Smits saw complete recovery or remarkable

improvements in his clients. Certified CEASE Practitioners today are also seeing these results and they often synthesize CEASE with other effective treatments.

In our office, every patient is treated with NAET, along with any other treatment they choose. Other options, besides CEASE, include Classical Homeopathy, Scalp Acupuncture and other methods of Acupuncture, Acutonics, Auditory Integration Training, Nutritional Counseling, and other wellness modalities.

CEASE Therapy has been well researched and is clinically proven to be highly effective in the detoxification of vaccines and other potential toxins. By addressing the causes of the symptoms, produced by the vaccinations, iatrogenic drugs, and medications etc., the profound and deep healing effects of CEASE therapy include:

  • Specific treatment plan tailored for each individual
  • Resolution of long standing conditions, especially gut related issues
  • Increase in receptive and expressive language
  • Improved eye contact and communication
  • Increase in cognitive abilities
  • Healing from chemical exposure
  • Healing of scarred emotional wounds
  • Custom remedy preparation, specifically created for each person

It must be noted, that during CEASE therapy, detox reactions are sometimes seen, and they can include regression and resurgence of extinguished behaviors. In my practice, I have noticed a consistent reaction to DTap, and I now warn parents of this in advance, and advise them various procedures, such as epsom salt or clay baths, to implement during this time. Every person is different and reacts differently to the onslaught of vaccines of other toxins. With CEASE and other techniques, we, at Holistic Health Inc., aim to bring back health and balance in a systematic and gentle manner.

I find homeopathy in all forms a universal balm, but particularly so with Inspiring Homeopathy. In addition to specific symptoms, it addresses some basic human problems, such as lack of love or self-love, lack of self-confidence, stuck in old, repetitive patterns, feeling ungrounded or protected, fear of future, fear of the unknown etc. According to Inspiring Homeopathy, the goal is to reach the universal layer (this is done through an orderly detoxification of all of the potential toxins which created the condition in the individual), and once there, the healing is effected with the use of one of more of just a few remedies. For, example, Saccharum officinale helps to restore emotional contact with parents, siblings and friends, and Cuprum Metallicum often resolves obsessiveness, inflexibility and tension, which may be present as tics, hand flapping or head banging. These remedies are not to be taken lightly or self-prescribed, and should be used only under the supervision of a highly trained professional. As mentioned before, detox reactions are not uncommon with CEASE therapy.

CEASE therapy is a long process and it takes 3 to 5 years to complete the sequence of vaccines and other toxins, though improvements may be seen relatively soon after starting the treatment. It takes 8 weeks to detox each vaccine, and in between, I normally wait two to four weeks. When a new patient comes to me for CEASE, I usually start with some basic remedies before starting the CEASE protocol. The analogy I use to explain to my patients is this: picture a dirty floor with some stubborn stains. Each stain is a vaccine or some other toxin. You want to first clean the floor before scrubbing each stain, and that’s what the basic constitutional remedies (which vary from person to person), do. And, here is where you will need the help of a competent and experienced homeopath.

Dr. Lilly Partha is one the few certified CEASE therapists in USA at this time. With over 20 years of experience as a holistic physician, she specializes in Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Auditory Integration Training, Biomedical Treatments and various types of Energy Medicine. In addition to seeing patients in her office, she has many patients,via skype and phone, around the world, especially for CEASE. She can be reached at drpartha@holistichealthchicago.com. You can also call our office at 630-426-9172.

Please Note: We are not currently accepting any new patients with autism.